Welcome to KCUrbEx!

What are we all about? Who knows! Guess you'll have to find out here.
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Ernest Thornhill
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Welcome to the KCURBEX Forum!
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Thanks for visiting! We are a loose group of local urban explorers devoted to responsible, ethical, and low-impact exploration of our urban environment. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the following information.

What are we all about?
We try to explore in a way that allows us to continue exploring in the future. We want to allow others the opportunity to explore a site, and not endanger its appearance or accessibility. We follow the urban exploration motto: TAKE ONLY PICTURES, LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS

We try not to publicize or promote sites too widely. When talking about locations or sharing photos/videos, be discrete. Do not reveal exact locations or entrance details. Do not damage anything in the process of getting in.

Some locations are dangerous. There can be pollution or physical hazards. You could be injured. If you go on someone else's property without permission, you could be cited by the police or arrested. Nobody connected with this web site is advising you to do anything illegal or dangerous. If you do so, it is your choice, and you agree to take responsibility for your own actions.

We only have two rules:
1. Don't do anything to directly or indirectly compromise locations


2. Don't be a jerk!

We all make mistakes, but respectful acknowledgement of common sense things is a great way to impress your fellow explorers and if you really wanna impress, familiarize yourself with our preferred ethics guide :D!

How should I use the KCUrbex forum?
As with any web forum, these are some things to consider:

1: Respectful communication: Avoid flame wars, personal attacks, or drama. Sarcasm, humor, and emotions can be misunderstood. Calm down.

2: Good spelling and grammar are greatly appreciated. They make your message readable and mature.

3: Have patience with delays, rules, and community norms.

4: Keep the discussion "clean" and ethical - Discussion of anything more illegal than trespassing is not allowed on the forum. Although parts of the forum are "private", you should not expect complete or permanent privacy.

5: “How do I get into *fill in the blank location* ?”
Do not reveal the exact location of sensitive sites; that is, locations that could be damaged or would get extra security added if a lot of people start going there.

6. Do not post anyone's personal information or likeness without their permission.

7. This site is for people who are 18 and older.

We look forward to meeting you <3
Truly Yours',
your friendly neighborhood admins