July KCUrbEx Website Updates

Any issues or updates with KCUrbEx can be found here!
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Hey there!

Just wanted to update everyone on some new things we have going on here on the site.

First order of business is donations. At the moment we only accept Paypal on the site with no plans to integrate Venmo or Square's Cash. Since some people do not use/like Paypal I have decided to start accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum donations as well. All money is anonymous and goes into a secure hardware wallet kept in a secure location. See the donations page above for the wallet addresses. You'll need to be on the website, not the app as I have not yet implemented that.

Second order is Private Messages. A developer on PHPbb's forum is creating a promising extension for encrypting private messages end-to-end. This would mean that no-one including myself would have access to read your private messages. The only person that can read your message is the person you sent it to. The other part of that would mean that if your accounts password gets reset, all of the encrypted messages you have sent or received would be destroyed. Once this extension is finished I will audit the code then I plan to add it on the site and also integrate it in the mobile application.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great July!
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