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KCUrbEx is 18+, If You Read Nothing Else, Please Read This

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 10:35 am
by Snoopy
We at KCUrbEx hate to disclude people based on their age but unfortunately we live in a world where lawsuits are common and plentiful. To protect our members, we have opted to only allow people who are 18+. This isn't an attempt to make you feel like you aren't welcome; in fact some of our members love to mentor the youth through our hobby to show you how to explore responsibly. You are welcome to post in the public area on the forum and share where you've been in the Main section or read our Urban Exploring Tutorials full of helpful information on how to become a better explorer.

This is not an attempt to shut out 16-17 year old members, this is purely for liability reasons and we hope you understand. I have listed some websites below that are incredible resources for explorers.