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Forum rules
Please Follow These Rules to Keep Our Locations Safe!

1. No location names in the public forums. Use nicknames instead. The only place where location names are okay is in the private forums; even then we encourage use of nicknames. Any real location names will be redacted from posts. The reason for this is to protect locations from being found by vandals or copper thieves.

2. No addresses, coordinates, or any other location information should be shared in the public forums. You may share hints, but all location data is best suited for the private forums.

3. Don't make locations hot. In other words don't attract uniforms, the homeless or other criminals to places. If you can't secure it back the way you found it, its probably not a good idea.

4. Respect other people's property. The places we visit, while forgotten, are still owned by someone. So treat these places as if it were your own.

5. It is okay to post history, location information, and other building data in the public forum as long as the building in question has been re-purposed, torn-down, or is in no way in danger from vandals, thieves, ect.
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